Cleveland Hungarian Heritage Society

The Cleveland Hungarian Heritage Society was established as a not-for-profit corporation under Ohio law as of September 13, 1985. It was recognized as a federally tax exempt organization on February 18, 1986. The CHHS opened its first museum at St. Elizabeth Church on April 20, 1986. This opening was welcomed by a Proclamation issued by City Council of Cleveland. Numerous civic and community leaders consented to be named to the Honorary Board of Directors of the CHHS.

The very first exhibition, entitled the Inaugural Exhibition, was held on this same date. Since that time, the CHHS has organized numerous large scale and small scale exhibitions, as well as many lectures and presentations. Significant exhibitions were the month-long exhibitions at the Cleveland Natural History Museum and at the Beck Center in Lakewood.

The CHHS launched its newsletter, “THE REVIEW” in winter of 1986. The REVIEW is subtitled “The Second One Hundred Years” in recognition of the fact that significant waves of Hungarian immigration to the US took place more than 100 years ago in the 1880s. Now Hungarian-Americans are entering into a second one hundred years of settlement in the United States. In its first two years, the REVIEW was funded by Grants from the Ohio Arts Council and came out quarterly.

The CHHS opened the Hungarian Heritage Museum in the Richmond Mall on September 7, 1996.

The CHHS opened the Hungarian Heritage Museum in its new location at the Euclid Square Mall in May, 1999.

In addition to its Museum collection, the CHHS has been working to organize its significant archival and library collections.

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