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La Romera is a veteran flamenco dancer and instructor based in Cleveland, with over 30 years experience performing and teaching in Spain and North America. Her company, ¡Duende! Flamenco has performed to standing ovations throughout the United States.

As a young dancer, La Romera’s passion for learning to dance flamenco authentically led her to Spain where she spent nine years studying, performing and learning the art of flamenco both academically and on the practice, from Gypsies and established flamenco masters alike. She studied the Gypsy style of flamenco with masters Antonio “El Farruco” Montoya Flores and Manolo Marín. She also studied more formally in Madrid with masters Ciro and María Magdelana, and later on with José Galván and Gypsy dancer, Concha Vargas.

La Romera made her professional debut in Sevilla in 1971, appearing as a featured soloist in “tablaos” (flamenco dinner clubs) in Spain’s major cities and teaching at the Amor de Dios Studio in Madrid.

La Romera lived in Seattle Washington for 14 years, where she became as well-known promoter of the art of flamenco throughout the Northwest. She produced monthly flamenco events and sponsored guest artists and flamenco teachers to enrich the Northwest flamenco community. She also conducted workshops and lecture demonstrations, served as an artist in residence in Washington State public schools and participated in the King County Arts Touring Program.

A native Californian, she returned to her home state in 1993 and continued her work and passion for flamenco as artist-in-residence with the Cultural Council for Monterey County’s Professional Artists-in-the-Schools Program and on the roster of the California Arts Council Touring Artist Program.

In 1997, she was choreographer and dance soloist with the Monterey Opera Association’s production of “Carmen.” She also remained active as an artist in residence from 1993 to 2006 in Monterey, Santa Clara and Santa Cruz counties, receiving a 2003 Calabash Award for excellence in the arts. From 1997 to 2006 she produced “Fiesta Flamenca,” a monthly show at Don Quixote’s International Music Hall in Felton, California where she invited leading flamenco guest artists from Spain and the Bay Area to share the stage.

La Romera moved to Cleveland, Ohio in May 2006. She presently is on faculty at the Cleveland School of Dance where she teaches children and adults. She continues to perform and conducts lecture demonstrations, workshops and artistic residencies in schools and universities in the greater Cleveland area and beyond.

With a prolific and successful flamenco-dancing career spanning more than three decades, La Romera takes great joy in mentoring aspiring flamenco artists and sharing her skills and knowledge of the exciting multi-facets of Flamenco dance, music, and poetry along with appreciation for the Spanish language and culture.

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